Scorpion Non-resonated cat-back system A5 B8 2.0 TFSi 12-


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Black ceramic coated quad Ø83mm Daytona trims. Audi part numbers 8T0-807-521-H-1RR & 8T0-807-791-B-2-ZZ are required.

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Want to extract a little more power from your car? A half system is the perfect compromise, leaving the factory catalysts (where fitted) in place and bolting directly to the OEM system. Most of our half-systems delete the centre cat or silencer, for improved gasflow and sound.

Fitment Years: 2012 - 2016

Model: Cabrio 2.0 TFSi (Triptonic)/ Coupe S-line 2.0 TFSi (Manual & Triptonic)/ Sportback 2.0 TFSi (Manual) 

Fits To: OEM / Scorpion

Pipe Diameter: 70mm/2.75"

Product TypeCat back systems

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